Some Hudson Valley residents are disappointed a "famous" Hudson Valley cafe has closed its doors. It appears diners were given no warning of the sudden closure.

Some believe the cafe served the best coffee in Putnam County.

Jeff, the owner of the Foundry Cafe, announced on Saturday the cafe is closed for good.


The cafe was opened for 25 years in Cold Spring.

"After over 25 years The FoundryCafe has closed. Thank you all for your patronage love and support! I’ll miss you all," Jeff wrote on Facebook.

The Foundry Cafe opened up 25 years ago. It was located at 55 Main Street in Cold Spring.


The Foundry Cafe offered breakfast and lunch each day, except for on Wednesdays.

"We are famous for our omelets, french toast, daily soups and cheesecake!," the cafe writes on Facebook.

A reason for the closure wasn't given.

Sorry we are closed sign board hanging on a door of cafe


Residents were shocked. Many left heartfelt comments on the Facebook comment section on the closing. Including:

The cafe adds to a growing list of businesses that have recently closed down in the region.

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