Just because it doesn't necessarily feel like summer anymore in the Hudson Valley, doesn't mean we can't act like it.

It's safe to say looking for new and exciting things to do during is hard during this awkward COVID-19 lockdown. Personally, I feel like everywhere I turn, something I've wanted to do gets canceled or rescheduled.

I think we all felt that way when Fair Season was canceled all throughout the Hudson Valley. Even though we missed out on our favorite summer tradition, fairgrounds are doing what they can to bring a little bit of that fair spirit back to life.

The Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck announced they will be hosting their 2nd Fair Food Drive Through. Starting Friday, September 18th and running until Sunday, September 20th, there will be several food vendors on hand to provide a little taste of Hudson Valley Fair season.

Drive-Through Fairgoers can enjoy food from vendors such as the Butcher Boys, Greek Fare and Mexican Cafe. There, of course, will be fries, ice cream and delicious fried snacks to enjoy.

You can visit the Dutchess County Fair starting on Friday from 3 pm until 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am until 7 pm.

Lucky for us, once this weekend wraps up the following week will bring more fair food to the Hudson Valley.

From September 24th through September 27th and again October 1st through 4th, the Orange County Fair Speedway will host10 New York State fair food vendors for a drive-through fair experience. Bob Maxwell's Walk-a-way Inc shared on Facebook that they'll be on hand serving up their fair food delicacies.

Will you be stopping by for your fair favorites in the next few weeks? What are you getting?


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