If you're looking for something to keep you busy this summer while getting a whole new perspective of the Hudson Valley, why not volunteer at the infamous Bannerman Island?

Bannerman is open for its 2022 touring and event season. You can visit the island/castle on weekends from May until October while being toured around the grounds and learning all about the history and importance of the Bannerman family to Hudson Valley history. You can also catch a show or 2 while enjoying dinner on the Hudson River island.

Do you like to get your hands a little dirty, help the community, and experience a part of Hudson Valley history? Volunteering at Bannerman will check all of those boxes off your to-do list.


We spoke with Mike Vahsen, the Volunteer Coordinator at Bannerman Island, and he gave us some great insight into what you'll experience as a volunteer on the island. Vahsen says:

The best way to experience Bannerman Island is to volunteer there. Participants get to see the place from a unique perspective while working as part of a cohesive crew of like-minded peers to charitably assist a worthwhile cause in the community.

Vahsen started organizing volunteer projects with fellow members of Local Union 373 Plumbers & Steamfitters. Within the last 5 years, the volunteer group has grown to over 100 people with many volunteers returning to help with what Vahsen says has " become a vested interest." Members of IBEW Local Union 363 and Carpenters Local Union 279 have also donated their time to Bannerman Island.


You don't need to be skilled in construction or landscaping to volunteer your time, Vahsen makes sure to delegate tasks to everyone's skill set. Volunteering activities include, but are not limited to, painting and staining,  clearing brush, and building trail steps with various aims in between.

How fun does it sound to work at an abandoned castle on an island in the middle of the Hudson River?

If you're interested in volunteering with Mike and the Bannerman team send him an email at pumpkinz85@hotmail.com.

Bannerman Island Is Ready for 2022 Touring Season

From May until October, Bannerman Island will host tours and fun events giving Hudson Valley residents and those visiting an experience of a lifetime.

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