A renowned sculptor nicknamed "the poet of iron" died on Tuesday, March 26 at the age of 85.

Artist Richard Serra created large scale works out of steel, often creating sweeping curves out of a medium that wouldn't seem to lend itself to the shape. Serra's work would leave observers awestruck by the ambition of his projects and the sheer size of the sculptures.

His work has appeared in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Los Angeles Country Museum of Art.

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Most Hudson Valley residents will know Serra's work by his "Torqued Ellipse" sculpture, which is on permanent installation at Dia: Beacon. Even if you haven't seen it in person, you've no doubt seen the massive curved steel appear on your social media feeds from friends and family who have visited.

"[T]he ellipses at the Dia Art Foundation in Beacon, N.Y., have become a reliable venue for second dates, an ideal backdrop for cultured flirtation," The New York Times art critic Jason Farago noted in his remembrance of Serra.

Dia: Beacon Showcases Multiple Richard Serra Works

In addition to "Torqued Ellipse," Dia is home to "Union of the Torus and the Sphere," which almost looks like tilted ship 37 feet high and nearly spanning floor to ceiling. Serra's "Elevational Wedge" works with the sloping floor of the Dia to produce a flat plane. "Scatter Piece" is a sculpture made of rubber latex, metal rods and rubber-covered wire draped on the floor of the museum. Serra also has a painting at Dia titled "Consequence"; it features two pieces of painted linen designed to hang in a specific location in the museum.

Dia isn't the only Hudson Valley art museum to house Serra's work: Storm King Arts Center in Stormville features "Schunnemunk Fork." Serra designed the sculpture to follow topographical features of the land at Storm King, according to the museum's website.

Correction: This article originally stated Serra's sculptures at the Dia are made of iron. This was corrected to indicate they are made of steel.

Richard Serra Dead at 85

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