There's a hidden beach in New York where waves wash over bricks instead of sand. The secluded spot is tucked away in Beacon, New York where Fishkill Creek flows into the Hudson River.

The beach looks as if a brick house disintegrated into the water. There was never any structure there at all, at least not made out of those bricks.

The unusual setting is a result of the Dennings Point Brick Works. The brick factory was located on a peninsula jutting out into the river just south of downtown Beacon. The clay in the area, the accessibility afforded by the river and the proximity to New York City made it an appealing spot to fire and ship out bricks, according to the Highlands Current.

Dennings Point Bricks Helped Build NYC

At its height in the 1920s, Dennings Point Brick Works produced over a million bricks a week and shipped bricks used in many buildings in New York City, including the Empire State Building, Atlas Obscura reports.

Some of the bricks produced by the factory have washed up onto shore as a result of storms and tides.

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The brick beach looks out on Bannerman Castle and the Hudson Highlands. It might make a scenic spot for a picnic, if walking across the algae-coated bricks wasn't so treacherous and the ground beneath you wasn't so hard and jagged.

Besides being dangerous and not very comfortable, there's another reason not to venture onto the brick beach: eagles nest nearby.

The area is located near a blind for birders, so you can appreciate the riverfront made of bricks from close by.

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