I don't know if it's because the technology has advanced or Department of Transportation engineers have become bolder but roadside signs seem to be getting more and more creative lately.

When I visited Kansas City, Missouri a few months ago, I came across this sign that showed a bicyclist getting thrown after hitting trolley tracks that were under construction.

I don't remember ever seeing a sign like it before and had to stop and snag a photo.

This atypical sign reminded me of something closer to home -- a road sign I'd seen put up in the Glenham section of Fishkill. After extensive construction, the bridge on Washington Avenue near Van Pelt was rebuilt and a section of Maple Street leading from that bridge was shifted.

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The curved road warning sign that went up after the construction looks bizarre to me. Either drivers are being warned about a gigantic, neglected child darting into a dangerous roadway or that's Bigfoot. There is no other explanation for what this thing is.

Bigfoot Sign
Jackie Corley
Jackie Corley
Jackie Corley

Bigfoot Sightings in the Hudson Valley

There actually are some pretty big believers in mythical cryptids here in the Hudson Valley. The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley is an active group researching sasquatch sighting.

Pine Plains in Northern Dutchess County is one of the locations the researchers believe bigfoot can be found. I joined Jess from the CJ + Jess Morning Show on 97.7/97.3 The Wolf during an excursion to find the big guy.

Spoiler alert for those who didn't make it to the end of the video: we did NOT find Bigfoot.

I haven't heard of any sightings in Glenham, but somebody must have seen something because that sign didn't design itself.

31 Reported Bigfoot Sightings in The Hudson Valley Since 1962

A list of sightings dates back to 1962 with a reported sighting in Maybrook, NY where they nicknamed the Bigfoot "Turkey Monster."

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