Residents are coming together for a cause and purpose tonight. First off, I recently went to Millbrook, NY and I have to say its one of the cutest towns I have ever seen. If I had to think of a perfect little Hallmark town it would definitely be Millbrook.

A recent Instagram post showed that the residents are trying to do something very special and it involves a  beloved town landmark.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

According to the post on the Friends of the Gazebo Instagram Page, a special fundraiser is being held to raise money and to help stop the gazebo from being demolished. So you can't help but wonder, what is so special about this gazebo?

History behind the Elm Drive Gazebo:

The Millbrook Gazebo Website explained that the gazebo has been part of the town forever and many consider it to be an iconic landmark. If you look closer at the website, you can see old black and white pictures where local sports teams took their photos right in the gazebo and it's been the center of many town activities. One person even wrote "it's not just a gazebo, it's a part of all of our childhood's". What a special place.

Save the Elm Drive Gazebo Fundraiser:

A special fundraiser is being held to help preserve and stop the demolition of the gazebo.  It's actually being held TONIGHT from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Millbrook Winery Loft. There will be music, wine, light food and a silent auction where the proceeds will be used to help restore the gazebo.

How do you attend?

The tickets are $50.00 per person and send your RSVP to Easy, simple, fun and all for a good cause.

You might not be able to attend, but you can always pass along the information to someone who can. We hope this landmark can be restored and the legacy will live on in Millbrook.

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