There have been a lot of new businesses blossoming in the Hudson Valley.

However, long-time business owners who have put in the work for numerous years may be ready for something new. This is what one Ulster County business has recently done. With being in business for over 30+ years, this owner has made the decision to retire.


In Kingston, one of my favorite businesses closed down, Bop to Tottom. I used to go shopping there with my mom and grandma. In Montgomery, a fan favorite restaurant sold their business and with new owners, they are open as 88 Charles Street RestaurantIn Goshen, a popular chic boutique closed its doors recently. Bliss Boutique is being missed by Goshen residents.

Tow Tinker Tube Rental has closed and is for sale.


Town Tinker Tube Rental is currently closed and has been for sale in Phoenicia, NY for about a year now. Hudson Valley residents are surprised that this popular business has not sold yet.

Town Tinker Tube Rental has been the go-to place to rent tubes during the summer months. This tourist attraction is located in the beautiful setting in Phoenicia as they set out on Esopus Creek for some rafting.

Town Tinker Tube Rental has been in business since 1980. They closed during the 2020 season due to the pandemic. Owner of Town Tinker Tube Rental, Harry Jameson said that he would like to sell the business to someone who is like-minded and would keep the business going.

Anyone that has gone rafting in New York state knows how much fun it can be. I enjoy sharing a tube with my friends, bringing snacks and drinks, and cruising down the river. However, Esopus Creek may have a quicker pace than other spots in our area. It would take residents about 2 hours to complete this ride. At times, I have rafted for about 6 hours so this does seem pretty fast from what I have experienced.

The business is listed with Ruth Gale Realty. For more information contact Rich Greenspan at 845-688-5610 or on his cell phone at 516-305-2476. If you have any pictures from your experience rafting with this company, share them with us.

Do you have what it takes to run this business? Do you know someone that does? Share your thoughts below.

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