Coffee lovers in the Hudson Valley will be getting something a little different the next time they head through the drive-thru.

Your daily cup of coffee now comes with something extra. For years, Dunkin' has been evolving how they serve their famous coffee. A few years back, the donut empire decided to do away with their styrofoam cups, opting instead to go with a more environmentally-friendly paper version. The change may have seemed like a simple one, but for creatures of habit, it was something to get used to.

Well, now that everyone has embraced the paper cup, Dunkin' is changing things up again, but this time I think it's something everyone is going to be excited about. Back in 2013, Dunkin' retired their old, "rip and sip" coffee lids for a new "sippy-cup" design. The lids featured a raised drinking spout and a built-in plug that kept the coffee from spilling.

A. Boris

The lid took a little getting used to, with many people questioning why such a complicated design was needed for a simple coffee lid.  The pullback plug was molded from an entirely different piece of plastic, which could be entirely removed or kept on top of the cup for resealing.

Now, it seems that Dunkin' has done away with the complicated coffee lid and replaced it with something more familiar, and probably more cost-effective. The new "Hold & Go" lids have done away with the raised "sippy-cup" spout and replaced it with a more streamlined design that is similar to standard coffee lids that most people are used to.

A. Boris

But what makes this lid even better is that it now comes with its own brown plastic plug that fits snuggly inside the drinking hole. The plug can be easily removed or kept on the cup while driving. I'm a huge fan of the lid stick and am happy that Dunkin' has introduced them to keep their delicious drinks from spilling.

Have you noticed the new Dunkin' lids at your favorite location? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.

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