The Town of Wappinger has announced, via their Facebook page that they too have to close and take precautions because of a Covid-19 exposure. 

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Here is what the posting said on their FB page. 

The Town of Wappinger has been informed that an employee in the Justice Court Office has tested positive for COVID-19. As a precaution Wappinger Town Hall will be closed tomorrow, December 4, 2020 for deep cleaning and disinfection.

In addition to the building being closed, all of the court cases have been postponed and the Justice Court Offices are also closed until further notice.

Sadly, because of impending bad weather, along with the recent Covid-19 exposure the tree lighting ceremony that was also scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 5, 2020 at Brexel-Schlathaus Park has been postponed. Please note, that at this time it has been postponed, not cancelled.

As always it has been suggested that everyone continue to maintain social distancing, wear face coverings and or masks, plus continue to wash hands as often as possible. Will these things keep you from being exposed to the pandemic causing virus? No one can say for sure.

If you are a Wappingers resident, you are also being reminded about parking protocols for the winter, click here for parking restrictions. 

Have you had to cancel other plans because you have heard of a Covid outbreak where you work, dine or shop? Are you taking precautions like mask wearing where ever you go?

What has been the one event that cancelled that you were most looking forward to before the pandemic? Stay safe.

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