School officials are planning to add more of a police presence at specific Wappingers Schools.

Unfortunately, it has become a nationwide problem at schools everywhere, including here in the Hudson Valley, school threats and violence. It seems like almost every week there is a news story about an area school that has had to go into lockdown because of a potential threat of violence to the school.


School Threats

Recently we've had threats of violence at schools in Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess Counties. It's sad that it has become somewhat normal to hear or read that a school has had an issue but it has become common. With that in mind, one school district in Dutchess County has announced at a recent press conference a partnership with local law enforcement to enhance security at schools.

Town of Wappinger/YouTube
Town of Wappinger/YouTube

Wappingers Central School District Adds Police

Last week school officials announced a collaboration between district schools, the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, and the Town of Wappinger "to increase Sheriff’s and Town Patrols at all elementary schools in the Town of Wappinger." The increased police presence and patrols will happen at 11 elementary schools throughout the seven municipalities the district serves including Brinckerhoff, Fishkill Elementary, Fishkill Plains, Gayhead, James S. Evans, Kinry Road, Myers Corners, Oak Grove, Sheafe Road, and Vassar Road Elementary School.

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A school press release said that secondary schools within the district are assigned a School Resource Officer through either the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office or a local law enforcement agency. The district pointed out that these positions are extremely important, "It is important to note that we have seen first-hand how these individuals have been very proactive in developing positive relationships with students, staff, and families, as well as utilizing their skilled training to respond to a student in crisis."

Officials ended the press release by saying, "The safety of students in the Wappingers Central School District is priority #1!" Here's the video from the press conference...

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