Seems like our wild and crazy love story tales aren't just for the pages of our journals, or the ears of our therapists anymore.

We've all had a wacky relationship story (or two, or three...) in our dating history, right?
How about getting paid to share your story?  I mean, you've likely sat around the table with your best friends post-breakup telling the story of the final straw that ended the relationship for good, so why not see if you can take your tale to the screen/stream.
I'm into it, sign me up!  Here's what you need to know.
Edgeline Films, along with a major streaming network, are working on a new documentary series about love stories gone wrong, and they're looking for dynamic storytellers.  They want it all, yes all those juicy (and crazy) rides through your love life.  "Mistaken identity, insane in-laws, breathtaking betrayal -- we want to hear your tales of shocking twists and reversals in love."
The series, titled 'The Breakup,' comes from the same creators of 'couples therapy' and will be a new premiere documentary series.  Those participants chosen for the series will be paid.
Casting is currently underway and they're looking for some Hudson Valley stories to showcase on the show.  Those interested can apply through the website by clicking here.  Options include uploading a written summary of your crazy relationship story, or you have the option of uploading a selfie video of yourself telling your tale.
Questions can be directed to  Please note that you retain all rights to your personal story, and any video footage uploaded to the casting website will not be made public.

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