Here we are again, summertime in the Hudson Valley. The kids are home for the next couple of months and mine are already ready to stay up late every single night. Do you give your kids a bedtime during the summer months?

The old parental debate, do we let the kids stay up late since it's summer, or do we try to keep them on some sort of schedule? My kids always want to stay up late, and honestly, we're pretty laid back in my house. We let my kids stay up a lot as long as they behave. During the school year, we have a roundabout time that we make the kids go to bed, but in the summertime, there are no set rules.

I've met a lot of parents over the years that are super strict and keep the same schedule for their kids all year long. That must stink for the kid if I'm being honest. I never had a set time to go to bed when I was younger, so I have trouble making my kids stick to one. Funny thing is, it doesn't matter what time they go to sleep, they'll still manage to wake up early anyway.

What goes down in your house during the months that the kids don't school? Are you making them get to bed early or do you cut them some slack during the summer months? Maybe you just let them live it up on the weekends? leave your comments below.

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