So you have been hearing about the vaccine for COVID-19? Are you thinking, hmmm, I'd like to get one of those? Or are you thinking that, "yeah.... when every single person has gone ahead and gotten one and then I'll think about getting it?"

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Regardless of which 'team' you are on, there is one nationwide pharmacy company that is saying that they will have the vaccine. The company? Rhode Island based CVS.

From an email that CVS sent to their customers on Friday, November 13, 2020. In response to the question, 'How would I get the vaccine?' This is the response from CVS:

CVS Health® has entered into a contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We were selected as one of the official COVID-19 Vaccination Program Providers.

The United States government will make a supply of the COVID-19 vaccine available to CVS Health when authorized and available to administer in pharmacies nationwide. We will offer it to the public through our 10,000 locations, following established vaccine prioritization guidelines.

CVS Health is already working to enable administration of the vaccine once it is available for pharmacies nationwide.

When will the vaccine be available? This is the response from the CDC website:

The goal for Operation Warp Speed is to deliver safe vaccines that work, with the first supply becoming available before the end of 2020. When a vaccine is authorized or approved in the United States, there may not be enough doses available for all adults. Supplies will increase over time, and all adults should be able to get vaccinated later in 2021. However, a COVID-19 vaccine may not be available for young children until more studies are completed.

So you have time to formulate an opinion and decide if this is something you will get or not. Will it actually help prevent people from contracting this virus? Will it help save peoples lives? Only time will tell.

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