Gov. Cuomo says Washington has abused New York State and taken billions from the state over the last four years.

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On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo said Democrats taking control of the U.S. Senate "changes everything for the nation" and the state of New York.

"The Senate has been horrific to the state of New York. They have been political about it. It's been really devastating for the state," Cuomo said.

"This was a very very big win for the Democratic Senate and it bodes well for the state of New York. Look, Washington has abused New York state for four years and that is not rhetorical. They have been unethical. They have taken money out of this state and sent it to Republican states as a poor political exercise. They use New York as a political piñata to appeal to the conservatives around the country," Cuomo added.

Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Republican incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler on Tuesday in a runoff race while Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff was named the winner over Republican incumbent Senator David Perdue on Wednesday.

"They have literally taken billions of dollars from us, and that was a function of the Senate and the president and they are both gone. And today, Washington theft ends and compensation for the victims of the crimes of the past four years begins. And New Yorkers have been crime victims as far as I'm concerned by the theft of the federal government," Cuomo said.

Cuomo blames Republicans in Washington for New York's $15 billion budget deficit

"They did the greatest income redistribution in history. They took from the rich states, and they gave to the poor states. New York happens to be a rich state. The Republican states happened to be poor states," he said.

Cuomo said because of what happened in Georgia he now has to spend the weekend rewriting his State of the State. He says the State of the State was going to be about closing the $15 billion deficit but now with expected help from Washington, he can go from "defense" to "offense" while crafting the State of the State.

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