It’s not every day that you see a cow running wild in the Hudson Valley across streets and a local bridge, but that’s what happened on Monday.

According to Kingston Police, officers were shocked when they got a call about a cow running down Route 9W and across a bridge into the City of Kingston.

The cow was being transported in the back of a trailer, but managed to escape, polies say. The cow initially ran north on Route 9W and then turned and jumped over a guiderail. The cow then tried going under the 9w Bridge but a fence and several people were able to cut off her escape route.

With a large traffic jam on 9W in Kingston, after about 15 minutes,Kington police Sgt. Burkert was able to get a rope around the cow’s neck.

On Facebook, Kingston police joked that Burkert may have learned his roping skills while attending the University of Dallas. Burkert wouldn’t confirm.

The cow was walked back to and returned into its trailer. The cow did suffered minor injuries while breaking out of the trailer. The owner plans to seek medical treatment for the cow.

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