As of Monday, Dec. 16, undocumented immigrants in the state of New York were eligible to apply for a state driver’s license under the new Green Light Law.

The result was a bit of chaos at the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles locations on day one.

Lines wrapped around blocks in some parts of the state and applicants began lining up before 8 a.m. Monday, where they waited outside for as long as three hours, and another three hours once inside the building, according to NBC 4.

As a result, however, Dutchess County announced that effective Tuesday, Dec. 17, its division of motor vehicle locations would only accept and process applications for Dutchess County residents for licenses, driver’s permits, and non-driver identification cards.

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There are no residency restrictions for other transactions, the county said.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, anyone applying will still need to provide documentation to prove their name, birthday, and New York residency. Passports are acceptable along with driver’s licenses from other countries.

The new law has come under fire as 27 county clerks in the state with DMV responsibilities asked the governor to delay implementation until October of 2020, citing a failure by the state to put safeguards in place from concealing their true identities.

Most concerning to County Clerks is the impact this law has on the federal REAL ID Act, which could potentially allow nefarious people to obtain a New York State license and use it to board a plane, secure federal buildings, enter military bases or even commit other criminal activity.

Residents are encouraged to visit for DMV locations throughout the state.

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