New York State residents are being told to stay safe you shouldn't place stickers on their vehicles.

Do you love showing off your personality? An easy way to do that with your car is to place a sticker or stickers on it.

Why You Should Remove Stickers On Cars In New York

Jen Theodore via Unsplash
Jen Theodore via Unsplash

But, police are advising why it's a good idea to not place stickers on your car. The reason is to keep you and your family safe.

Those stickers might be telling criminals key information.

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"We understand that placing stickers on your vehicle is your choice, but you never really know how much information you are giving out to the public," the Newnan Police Department stated on Facebook. "You could potentially be telling criminals your schedule, your personal information, or even what you own in your home or vehicle!"

Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

The Newnan Police Department shared a photo from the Town of Boone Police Department that gives many reasons why it's not a good idea to place stickers on your car.

The photo gives many examples of what a sticker is telling criminals including:

  • A photo of a baseball with a child's name tells criminals that you might not be home during the spring because of a practice or game.
  • A photo of a bike means you have expensive toys at home.
  • An honor roll sticker tells criminals where your kids are
  • A hunting photo means you have expensive equipment at home and might be out hunting on weekends.
  • A dog photo with a name. This tells the criminal your pet's name, which might be used in a password.
Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

See more examples below:

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Police note they aren't trying to scare you or make you frantically go out and scrape off those stickers. But it's good information as to why you might want to avoid placing stickers on your vehicle, or remove them.

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"🚨This post is not to tell you to start scraping off stickers, or to scare you, but to think wisely about what you place on your vehicle!🚨,  the Newnan Police Department said. 

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