It's still unclear when adults will be able to legally purchase marijuana in New York. However, this week adults can purchase marijuana in New Jersey. Where is the closest location?

In 2021, then Gov. Andrew Cuomo legalized recreational marijuana.

Under legislation passed in New York. communities in New York State had until Dec. 31, 2021, to opt-out of legal sales of marijuana. Communities that did not make a decision were automatically opted in.

In September 2021, Gov. Kathy Hochul said she hoped to fast-track legal weed sales in New York State.

It's now April so you can say fast-tracking legal sales hasn't happened. But the first sales are getting closer.

New York State Approves 52 Adult-use Marijuana Growing Licenses

On Thursday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the Cannabis Control Board approved 52 Adult-use Cannabis Conditional Cultivator Licenses across New York State.

These are the first adult-use cannabis licenses granted in New York State. They advance the Seeding Opportunity Initiative, officials say. You can see the full list below:

However, a date for when adults can legally buy weed has still not been announced in New York State. On the same day, New Jersey officials confirmed individuals 21 years and older will be able to purchase cannabis and cannabis products legally without a medical card starting Thursday, April 21.

“This is an exciting time for New Jersey,” New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission executive director Jeff Brown stated. “New Jerseyans voted overwhelmingly to have access to adult-use cannabis and it is now here. I am very proud of the work the Commission has done over the past year to open the market. We have been intentional and deliberate to do everything in our power to set the market on good footing to start.”

Thirteen retail dispensaries can start selling marijuana on Thursday, April 21.

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When news broke a Hudson Valley reader wondered what New Jersey dispensary is closest to the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley Post looked up all 13 locations and figured out how long of a drive it would take from the Hudson Valley to any of the 13 New Jersey dispensaries that can sell adult-use marijuana.

New Jersey officials remind all you are not supposed to move marijuana across state lines.

Closest Locations To New York Where You Can Buy Weed In New Jersey

Note: For the purpose of this list we used Newburgh, New York.

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