Raise your hand if you/your family had one of these ceramic Christmas tree decorations in your house growing up?

Now, keep them up if you still have one around—you could get some decent money if you are willing to part ways with this classic Christmas item.

My grandmother had a very successful ceramics business growing up, so our house was full of hand-painted masterpieces all year round, but during the holidays, those all got put away to make way for what we used to call 'The Christmas Collection.' Painted angels that played music, village scenes with ice skaters that really moved, and the money-maker, the ceramic painted trees with those tiny plastic birds. Now since my grandma made them, we had various sizes, shapes and colors of the oh-so-popular ceramic trees all around the house. Who knew that there would be such demand all these years later?

Today.com reports that you can get a pretty penny if you are up for selling your vintage ceramics. Profits range from less than $100, to upwards of $650, with the musical ones holding more value. For some though, the sentimental value is worth more than the money.

Mom, if you are reading this, no, I'm not trying to sell our trees, but I do have my eye on one I'd like to add to my own collection (and yes, it's the big white one in the dining room).

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