New York State remains under a state of emergency.

The influx of migrants into New York continues to be an official state emergency.

'Chaotic' Future Leads To State Of Emergency In New York State

NY Gov. Office
NY Gov. Office

In May, Gov. Kathy Hochul today issued an Executive Order declaring a State of Emergency to help provide aid to asylum seekers expected to arrive in New York after the Title 42 immigration policy was set to expire on May 11.

"The Executive Order will provide the State with greater flexibility to procure the resources necessary for municipalities to support asylum seekers while also allowing the State to increase the number of National Guard service members providing logistical and operational support," Hochul's Office stated in May.

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Around that time, President Joe Biden said the expected migrant surge at the southern border due to Title 42 ending will be “chaotic for a while” adding he's not sure if the United States is prepared for the large flood of migrants arriving from Mexico.

State Of Emergency In New York State Extended

Don Pollard
Don Pollard

On Monday, Gov. Hochul signed an executive order Monday extending her emergency declaration already in place.

“While New York continues to respond to the asylum seeker crisis, I’m extending our State of Emergency to ensure communities have the resources needed to support our ongoing efforts,” Governor Hochul said. “My administration remains committed to ensuring state and local officials have all of the support they need to address this unprecedented humanitarian crisis."

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The Executive Order helps provide the State with greater flexibility to procure the resources necessary for municipalities to support asylum seekers and provide them with humanitarian aid, officials say.

According to Hochul's office Executive Order 28.6 continues to:

Allow the State and localities to quickly respond to the arrival of asylum seekers. It continues to allow New York State to mobilize members of the National Guard, who currently provide logistical and operational support at shelter sites. It will also allow the State and localities to quickly purchase necessary supplies and resources, including food and equipment. The Executive Order is necessary for New York State’s continued response to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis and provides the State with the ability for a more robust response.


New York State has committed $1.7 billion to support asylum seekers and migrants, including for shelter, transportation and social services, officials note.


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Hochul also said New York State has identified over 18,000 job openings across New York that would welcome migrants.

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