Central Hudson is replacing over 35,000 feet of gas lines in Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties. The construction will take up to six months and will lead to road closures, delays and workers will need to enter your home.

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Central Hudson is replacing certain natural gas mains which run along roads and streets and service lines that connect to individual homes, apartment buildings and businesses that are comprised of cast iron and steel in communities throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley to ensure the safety and reliability of the natural gas system, officials say.

The majority of these lines are located in cities, villages and areas gas service was first offered in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Many of these pipelines were installed in the 1930s or earlier, according to Central Hudson.

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"We're replacing older natural gas pipelines at an accelerated pace to enhance system reliability, safety and efficiency," Central Hudson states. "Central Hudson is undertaking a comprehensive natural gas main and service replacement program in select communities throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley, to address and modernize aging infrastructure. This initiative is part of an effort to improve the safety, reliability and performance of the natural gas distribution system."

Central Hudson is working in the City of Poughkeepsie, Town of Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Highland Falls and Montogomery. The installation will take five to six months and will lead to road closures, lane changes, alternating traffic and delays.

The process also requires Central Hudson to work both inside and outside impacted homes or businesses. During installation, Central Hudson must access a number of homes to "inspect and verify the operating condition of your gas piping and appliances."

"In the event we need to complete indoor work, all Central Hudson employees and contractors are adhering to the guidance provided by the CDC and local health officials in an effort to keep our communities healthy and safe. This includes mask wearing at all times and social distancing whenever possible," a Central Hudson spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post.

Below is the list of roads impacted:

Replacement of approximately 8,700 feet of gas lines in the City and Town of PoughkeepsiCity and Town of Poughkeepsie:

• Davies Ct
• N Perry St, between Mill St and Main St
• S Perry St, between Main St and Union St
• Mill St, between N Clover St and Columbus Dr
• Charles St
• N Bridge St, between Mansion St and Verazzano Blvd
• Washington St, between Mansion St and Baker Ave
• Marshall St, between Washington St and Balding Ave
• Orchard Pl
• Clark St

Replacement of approximately 10,600 feet of gas lines in the City of Kingston:

• Rogers St, between Broadway and Adams St
• Wurts St, between McEntee St and W Pierpont St
• Wurts St, between Springs St and Hunter St
• McEntee St, between Wurts St and Ravine St
• W Pierpont St, between Hone St and Hudson St
• Hone St, between W Pierpont St and Spring St
• Hone St, between Hunter St and Abeel St
• Ravine St, between W Pierpont St and Spring St
• Ravine St, between German St and Hunter St
• Hudson St
• Spruce St
• Spring St, between Wurts St and Russell St
• Presidents Pl
• German St

Replacement of approximately 7,200 feet of gas lines in the Village of Highland Falls:

• Sweezy Ave
• Liberty St
• Muller Ave
• Webb Ln
• Main St, between Mountain Ave and Satterlee Rd
• Cooks Ln
• Mountain Ave, between Center St and Fostoria St
• Hickory St
• Fostoria St
• Walnut Ave, between Hickory St and Fostoria St
• Maple St

Replacement of approximately 9,200 feet of gas lines in the Village of Montgomery:

• Bridge St, between Elizabeth St and Charles St
• Charles St, between Marron Ct and Union St
• Taft Ave, between Charles St and Jennings St
• Clinton St, between Bridge St and Union St
• Clinton St, between Spring St and Goodwill Rd
• Ward St, between Bridge St and Goodwill Rd
• Union St, between Ward St and Boyd St
• Hanover St
• Bachelor St, between Union St and Bridge St
• Oakley St
• Prospect Ter, between Clinton St and Boyd St
• Valley Ave

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