Countless buses are driving Empire State residents out of New York State.

A large number of New Yorkers are heading to Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Why Are New Yorkers Boarding Buses

Migrants Continue To Arrive In New York City, Being Bussed From Other States
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All around New York State, people were seen boarding buses Tuesday morning.

New Yorkers are heading to Washington D.C. for Tuesday's "March for Israel" rally on the National Mall.

WCBS 880 New York reported around 5 a.m. on Tuesday there were already many busses leaving from New York City to the National Mall for the massive rally.

Organizers are expecting thousands of people to gather at the National Mall a month after the Hamas attack on the nation.

New Yorkers Heading To Washington D.C. For March For Israel Rally

Protests Continue Over Proposed Judicial Overhaul In Israel
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Hundreds of New Yorkers were seen boarding buses for what's expected to be a large march in the nation's capital to speak out against anti-Semitism. Many other New Yorkers plan to board buses, trains, or planes to make it to the rally.

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These Empire State residents are going to show solidarity with Israel. It's been over a month since the Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel left hundreds dead, while hundreds of others were taken hostage.

Around 60,000 Thousand Expected At the "March for Israel" Rally

About 60,000 thousand are expected to attend the Pro-Israel rally. The rally is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Announces Operation Predator
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The rally is expected to be contained to the National Mall. Homeland Security is called the rally a "Level 1 Security Event, which is their highest level of risk assessment.

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Homeland Security says they are prepared for anything including possible counter-protests.

National Guard Ready

Several National Guard units will assist Washington DC police.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Daily Briefing At Javits Center
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The National Guard is expected to be deployed at certain traffic safety points, redirecting vehicles and blocking intersections.

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