New York officials were shocked to find fish in a lake that had been deemed "fishless" for decades.

On Monday, the DEC and the Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation announced the confirmation of brook trout in an Adirondack lake deemed "fishless" for decades due to the negative effects of acid rain.

The discovery of the self-sustaining brook trout population in Lake Colden, a high elevation lake in the High Peaks Wilderness, is attributed to improved water quality from the state's rigorous standards to prevent the airborne pollutants that cause acid rain, according to the DEC.

"The discovery of brook trout in Lake Colden illustrates how we can make positive environmental change when we act to prevent the harmful effects of pollution," DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said. "New York's efforts to improve air quality statewide have resulted in cleaner air, and now we have even more evidence that all species can benefit from decisions based on sound science and investments in effective policies."

While commissioner Seggos took the opportunity to credit the discovery to New York's improved air quality he took the opportunity to mention future progress is being threatened by President Trump.

"This progress is threatened by the constant assault from the Trump Administration on clean air and environmental programs, which is why we will continue to fight to ensure they do not unravel progress like this remarkable restoration. I applaud the commitment of DEC staff across multiple administrations and divisions, our partners at NYSERDA and the Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation, and other stakeholders who helped make this breakthrough a reality and I look forward to continuing our work to protect New York's air quality and spur further progress," he said.

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