A school concert in the Hudson Valley was evacuated over reports of a bomb being placed in the venue.

On Monday, Hudson Valley Post was told by a reader about a potential bomb threat during a Marist College concert at the Culinary Institute of America Sunday night.

The woman reported a man went to the front of the stage dropped off a backpack. Security started yelling and everyone was told to evacuate immediately.

Another source who was at the concert confirmed to Hudson Valley Post someone placed a backpack near the stage and there was a mad dash to evacuate.

A Culinary Institute of America security spokesperson later confirmed to Hudson Valley Post there was an "incident" but said he wouldn't classify it as a bomb scare. The spokesperson said he couldn't go into more details because police were investigating.

Late Monday, Hyde Park Police confirmed they arrested Kevin A. Asiedu from the Bronx for making a terroristic threat, a felony; criminal nuisance, a misdemeanor; and a violation for disorderly conduct.

Hyde Park police verified they were sent to the Culinary Institute of America for a report of a "dangerous situation."

According to police, Asiedu was carrying a backpack, walked into the front of the venue and sat down. He remained seated for a short period of time then got up and left the backpack on the seat and exited the row. He then stood in the aisle staring at the stage. He was approached by CIA Security and other members of the audience who were retired or off duty law enforcement officers and they asked him to sit down. The crowd became nervous and began to evacuate when the man refused to answer questions.

Asiedu allegedly told authorities he intended to cause a scare. The backpack was searched and only contained paper, police say.

Asiedu was remanded to the Dutchess County Jail on $1,000 cash or $2,000 bail bond.

No injuries were reported.

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