The Hudson Valley is privileged to have a great Culinary College in our midst with the Culinary Institute of America with its flagship campus in Hyde Park, New York. Have you ever been to one of the restaurants that is run by the students?

Perhaps you have been to another restaurant around the world where there are graduates working in the kitchens and the front of the house as well. Recently, the school received yet another honor.

Which magazine has placed the Culinary Institute of America on a high pedestal?

Celebrity Chef Phenomenon Helps Boost Cooking School Enrollment
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The magazine, CEO World Magazine, has said that the Culinary Institute of America ranks #1 of their 5 ranked culinary schools. The Culinary began operations in 1946 and has grown to include four campuses in the United States, along with one in Singapore. If you are counting, there are 2 campuses in California, 1 in Texas, 1 in New York and then the campus in Singapore.

What types of programs can students get a degree in at the Culinary Institute of America?


Students can earn two-year, four-year, and graduate degrees, depending on their particular food and beverage focus.

The question that friends visiting from out-of-town usually ask me is if they can go to the campus to dine at one of the student-run restaurants. My response? Heck yeah, let's go. One tip, get yourself a reservation, which can be done online or via phone. I suggest calling to make the reservation, the operators are most helpful in making suggestions about which restaurant you and your guests might enjoy the most.

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