I’m not sure if this is something I’m proud of, but I can honestly tell you that I have literally spent hours at a time binge watching various baking challenges on the Food Network. Cupcake challenges, holiday cookie challenges, cake challenges. If you can bake it there’s a challenge for it and I’ve watched it. And once I start watching I’m hooked.

Now for the exciting news. A guy from right here in Dutchess County is going to be on Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship, which premiers on Monday, Feb. 22 at 9PM. And I actually know all about this guy. He used to have a specialty cake business right here in Dutchess County. And he’s good. Really good. 

Chef Derek Corsino is a graduate of Arlington High School and The Culinary Institute of America. I remember when he had his business I would see pictures of some of his cake creations and be blown away by his talent. Corsino now teaches his passion and art to up and coming chefs in Northern California, but he still loves the Hudson Valley and his family is all here. His very proud family. Want to check out some of Chef Corsino's work? He's got a website, and I think you'll agree he's got a great chance of winning.

I know I’ll be setting my DVR for Monday, Feb. 22 at 9PM to watch Corsino perform his baking magic on the Food Network. Good luck Chef, and know that the Hudson Valley will be cheering you on!

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