An animal that can at times pose a threat to humans, or our pets, was spotted roaming the streets of the Hudson Valley.

According to Town of Hyde Park police, a bobcat was seen roaming around the Crum Elbow Sportsmen's Association off of Cardinal Road in Hyde Park.

“While we don't see it every day, wildlife like bears and bobcats are known to be in the area,” the Town of Hyde Park police Department said on Facebook.

In the below video, taken by John Bolde and posted by the Town of Hyde Park Police Department on Facebook, you can see the animal coming out of a wooded area in Hyde Park.

While working on the story, Hudson Valley Post correspondent Jess told me that what she believes to be a bobcat darted outed in front of her car on Sunday while she was driving South on Route 9 somewhere between Rhinebeck and Hyde Park.

"A bobcat - a consummate predator and a bold raider - can become a nuisance that has to be controlled. Its screams in the night can frighten youngsters. If rabid, it can pose a serious threat to humans. Deprived of natural prey, it may turn to livestock and pets for food," according to

If you do encounter a bobcat the website recommends taking the following precautions:

  •  Keep a safe distance
  •  Protect children and pets
  • Back away from the bobcat slowly and deliberately (avoid running away because  that could trigger a pursuit response)
  •  If possible, spray the animal with water
  •  Making loud noises to scare the animal

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