Burger fans are very disappointed a restaurant in the Hudson Valley known for making the "best burger" in the region appears to have closed for good.

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In March 2020, like many restaurants, BurgerFi on Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie closed down. The eatery that has been repeatedly named the "Best Burger" joint in the Hudson Valley failed to reopen later in 2020 when many restaurants reopened for take-out or outdoor dining.

In September of 2020 Hudson Valley residents feared the eatery that has a cult following for being a "gourmet fast food restaurant" was closed for good.

A. Boris
A. Boris

That's because in September of 2020 the number for the Poughkeepsie location was disconnected and BurgerFi's corporate website no longer listed Poughkeepsie as one of their locations.

BurgerFi initially did not respond to our request for comment about the Poughkeepsie location. However, shortly after our story was posted, officials told us the eatery would reopen. Below is their statement in September of 2020.


It took until mid-January for the eatery to reopen. Residents were thrilled their favorite burger place finally reopened, after being closed for nearly a year. However, it appears, again, that BurgerFi has officially closed.

The website for the Poughkeepsie BurgerFi is still up, but the website states "online ordering is unavailable at this time."

BurgerFi appears to be one of over 70 businesses that have left the Hudson Valley recently. See the full list below:

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