I can still remember the first time my parents said that my sister and I could spend the night camping in the backyard. The excitement of sleeping in the yard under the stars all night seemed like a big adventure. My parents were big campers so we didn't have a lot of camping equipment but we did know a neighbor with a tent.

It might seem silly in this day and age but backyard camping was some of summer's most memorable nights when I was a kid. The regular old backyard by day became this exciting new place during the nighttime hours. We didn't have a campfire instead we have a charcoal grill which was perfect for making s'mores. Even camping lanterns weren't common instead it was just a trusty flashlight.

What You Need to Camp in Your Backyard Hudson Valley

Outdoor Mexican Fireplace.

I look at Hudson Valley backyards today and think that some would make a real luxury backyard camping experience. After all, when I was a kid there was no such thing as an outdoor kitchen. So what would my backyard camping look like if I recreated it in 2022? Probably similar to what it looked like the first time I did it in 1972.

I might add an air mattress to the tent and I would definitely skip the sleeping bag a comfy blanket works just fine. I would have a cooler full of adult beverages instead of Kool-Aid. I might even add a fire pit but not too close to the tent I would want everything to smell like a campfire when I dragged it back into the house. So many things would be the same.

Essentials for Backyard camping in the Hudson Valley, NY

Hudson Valley Backyard Camping Essentials

Camping in the backyard has come a long way since I was a kid but the basics haven't changed a bit.

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Hudson Valley New York Camping Resorts

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A List of New York Camping Essentials

9 Things You'll Need For Camping

Here is a quick list of essentials you may want to get before you head to your favorite camping spot.

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