An award-winning Hudson Valley chef's new restaurant had a very successful opening weekend.

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Handsome Devil officially opened its new restaurant at 3 Corwin Court in Newburgh on Saturday. The opening day was so successful the eatery was sold out for the day around 8 p.m. Around 4 p.m. on Sunday, supplies were running low so staff switched to take-out only.

"Thank you for everyone who came out to support our grand opening. Our hearts are full of love for our community," Handsome Devil wrote on Facebook.

Handsome Devil is run by Ed Randolph. In 2019, he became a Chopped Champion on the Food Network.

For over four years, Handsome Devil was located at 21 Lakeside Road in Newburgh, which is also the Ice Time skating rink. In January 2018, the eatery left that location.

"It was a tough decision but to better fit our business plan and direction we want for our brand we have closed our current location," Handsome Devil wrote in January 2018.

After what was described as an exhausting two-year search where seven locations fell through, Randolph finally had success with an eight location. Handsome Devil transformed a 5,400 square foot building on Corwin Court, which was once was home to Advanced Medical Imaging PC, into a barbeque restaurant.

Photo Credit: Handsome Devil LLC
Photo Credit: Handsome Devil LLC

“There is a Central Texas barbecue joint now in the Hudson Valley of New York,” Randolph told “It’s all wood all the time. A lot of people here are used to your usual Jim Beams and Jack Daniels, but I want to offer them a Michters or a Basil Hayden's. It’s in the same price range but maybe something they haven’t had before."

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