Police in the Hudson Valley say they are aggressively investigating a string of incidents form over the weekend. Officials say that more than one parked vehicle was set on fire early in the morning, though the investigation is still in its early stages.

Arson Statistics 

According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  mobile property was involved in 22.6 percent of arsons reported in 2019. The FBI reports that the average dollar loss per arson in 2019 (all cases, vehicle or not) was $16,371 dollars.

Three Vehicles Set on Fire in Westchester County

The Port Chester Police Department reported on their Facebook page that they are currently investigating separate suspicious motor vehicle fires in the Spring Street area.

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Both the Port Chester Fire Department and the Port Chester Police Department say that the suspected cases of arson occurred around 4 AM early Sunday morning.

Police initially reported that there were two vehicles set on fire, though the Westchester County Case and Origin Team says there were three.

Officer in Westchester Saves Dog in Burning Building 

You've probably seen and heard the stories of first responders running into burning buildings to save people who may be trapped inside.

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But it's not just humans who need their help. Tragically, some pets get left behind when a sudden blaze overtakes a structure in just a matter of minutes, leaving little to no time for escape. But fortunately, there are those who put their own lives at risk to make sure our four-legged residents get their proper attention and care.

The Ossining Police Department posted on their Facebook page in May 2023 that one of their officers "braved a heavy smoke condition in a burning building" to save a dog that was still inside.

Ossining Police said that Officer DaSilva ran inside the burning building to rescue a dog named Cujo.

7 Unsuspecting Items That May Spark Wildfires

With extremely dry conditions across the state, the Michigan DNR is reminding residents of the following everyday items that may accidentally spark a fire.

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