Has the thought of spending any more time on New York State On Pause, have you thinking about summer vacations? Spending time outdoors and warm summer sunshine? If you want to hold on to the belief that 'things' will be back to some sort of normal by the beginning of July, then you might want to go ahead and book some airfares now.

Allegiant Airlines (not apparently daunted by Covid-19) has announced a round of their Tuesday Deals which include airfare from Stewart/Newburgh to four cities (three in Florida, one in South Carolina) in the $48-$63 range (each way). Should we stay home or get ready to pack out bags? It's up to you, but you have to admit, these airfares, WOW. 

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Interested in hotel and airfare? Allegiant also has a few new vacation packages, (use this link and then click on the 'Vacation Deals' tab to see those offers) also with airfare and hotel options out of Stewart Newburgh. The discounts, this time around include travel to the following cities, the dates that are shown below are for travel in July of 2020:

  • Orlando/Sanford, FL, from $63 each way
  • Fort Meyers/Punta Gorda, FL from $56, each way
  • Tampa/St Pete FL, from $54 each way
  • Myrtle Beach, SC from $48 each way

Which one of these locations would you like to go to and what would you like to do when you get there? Is your favorite vacation where you get to take in the sites? How about heading to the beach? Or is your best vacation one that involves a Florida theme park? Are you a golfer who likes to golf in Hilton Head? What is your dream vacation?

Where would you like Allegiant to fly to from Stewart that they already have service to in other parts of the US? For example, there are parts of the US where Allegiant will fly to New Orleans or Las Vegas. Would you like to be able to get on a plane in Newburgh and fly directly to Las Vegas without having to change planes? Where would you like Allegiant to fly?

Looking to find more destinations that Allegiant has deals for? They also fly out of Albany $36-$55 and Newark.$35-$48.  


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