So 2021 is already rolling out better than 2020. It seems that we maybe lucky enough to have most of our favorite Hudson Valley activities return for the summer. That got me thinking about same of the things I would want to do this year that I missed out on last summer.

I realize that some event may not be back until 2022 but a girl can hope. I like many of you, have started missing annual events. I had attended some so many times you could almost call them a season tradition in my world. My plan this year is to get to as many as I can if they are actually having the event.

So What is on my List?

The West Point Band at Trophy Point is one of my favorite summer traditions. It was no fun last year to celebrate Fourth of July and Labor Day without the band and their fireworks. Attending one of the summer concerts can be so fun. The music is great, the fireworks are amazing and fortunately I have a friend who packs a mean picnic so the food is out of this world.

Wide view of suburban yard sale
David Sacks

Yard Sales are a right of passage in the summer. We can all remember the the first time we rolled up on to a driveway and said "is all this for sale, for real? I am a true die hard yard sale freak. I don't have to get there early but I do have to get there.

Photo by PQ
Photo by PQ

My family Summer Vacation is spoiled again this year. It seems my sister will now have  2 years of refundable tickets plus her beach rental money waiting for her in 2022. But no worries we already made the plan. We may have missed the beach in 2020 and 2021 but next year we are ready to roll and nothing is standing in our way.

So what will I do for the summer instead of New England?

I plan to spend sometime on the New York side of Greenwood Lake. If you have never been you have to make a plan to get there. Look into an Airbnb. It may not be the beach but it is a different kind of cool.

photo by PQ
photo by PQ

Don't let a few restriction keep you from having fun this summer. Even if you still can't do everything you use to you can certainly find something fun to do instead.

Cross your fingers that these 3 things happen this year.

New York Renaissance Festival - Tuxedo New York

The Ulster County Fair - New Paltz New York

The Dutchess County Fair - Rhinebeck New York

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