As the seasons change you need to make sure that you and your car or truck are prepared for the colder months.

After enjoying some of the warmer months, fall is officially here and that means the temperatures are dropping, and if your not prepared that can lead to some uncomfortable times in your car.

There is no worse feeling than getting out to your car in the morning, after a freezing cold night and NOT having what you need to get you and your car going as quick as possible.

How many of us have tried to scrap the ice off of our windshields with a credit card before because we forgot to put an ice scraper in the car? Its happened to me many times, and YES I've destroyed a few cards because of it...LOL.

By a show of hands, how many of us have tried to drive to work peeping through that extremely small ice hole that our defroster makes as it starts to melt away the ice. Yes thats super dangerous.

Anyone ever get out to there car in the morning and get welcomed by a dead battery, and NOT have jumper cables?

We've all been there at one time or another which is why I've come up seven things we all need to have in our car to make sure we are ready for fall and winter.

These items are in no specific order, just a few things that will give you piece of mind, no matter what mother nature throws at us this winter.

7 Things You Need in Your Car for Fall & Winter

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