Ok, so last week we shared with you the 8 City of Poughkeepsie owned properties that are available for sale. That got us thinking, what other properties could we search out? Maybe there were historic properties? Maybe there were places that could be torn down and reimagined? Maybe there were properties that Nicole Curtis from HGTV's Rehab Addict would be able to buy for $1 and then completely fix up?

So here are the properties that the City of Newburgh currently has listed for sale. There are two that are with a realty company and three that are being sold directly through the City.

Here are the two that are being sold through the Realty Co:

  • 318 N Montgomery St,
  • 22 Bay View Terrace

There are a few differences (that I can tell) about the way the transactions would be done. The houses that are through a realty co appear to be in need of some major rehab, but they do at least have a structure, a roof and a floor. The properties that the City is selling directly, do not have a roof, are not in any way shape or form habitable and look like (from a laymen's eyes) they need to be knocked down. The buyer (or potential buyer) needs to submit plans and budgets with their purchase requests to the City.

Those properties are as follows:

  • 169 Johnston Street
  • 96 Carter Street
  • 10 & 12 Van Ness Street (Sold together and will become on lot after the rehab)

So what do you think? Do you have the capital and the "what it takes" to make these properties shine again?

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