We ❤ Wurtsboro!

As we start up a fresh new week, here on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, we need to start by picking out a brand new Wolf "hometown of the week"! Sue joined us on the show today and helped us give our "wheel O' Towns" a big fat spin and it landed on Wurtsboro, New York.

Any town that gets the honor of being the Wolf "hometown of the week" gets to experience many benefits, including us doing what we can to spread the word about some of the great things to do, eat or sometimes its even a chance for us to learn something really cool about the town. If you live, or have ever done something fun in Wurtsboro we need to hear from you.

Things to do in Wurtsboro

Wine & Tacos

Sara texted us that one of her favorite places to eat, drink wine and listen to music is at the Bashakill Vineyards in Wurtsboro. She said their tacos are amazing and of course that so many great wines to choose from. Bashakill Vineyards in located at 1131 S Road, in Wurtsboro.

Canal Towne Emporium

Scott called us to let us know that a little piece of our childhoods can be found at the Canal Towne Emporium. The have all kinds of "pick candy", antiques and old school metal toys. They also do an amazing job decorating for all the big holidays including Halloween and Christmas. Canal Towne Emporium is located at 107 Sullivan St, Wurtsboro.

Great Pizza

Louanne texted us through the Wolf app that if you want GREAT pizza, "The best pizza ever is Gotta Love It in Wurtsboro." Count me in!! "Gotta Love It" is located at 187 Kingston Ave, Wurtsboro.

Wurtsboro Has an Airport

We got a bunch of text messages about the Wurtsboro Airport, which is located at 50 Barone Rd, Wurtsboro. Fans of the show told us that the airport is a small one that is primarily used for "gliders". According to their website the airport offers airplanes rides and a "once in lifetime experience" of gliding in the sky inside a small air glider. Glider rides start at $120 for 15 minutes. Rides can be booked here.

Did we miss anything? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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