Three restaurants from the Hudson Valley were nationally ranked as America's favorites.

On Wednesday, Bon Appetit released their list of "America’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants."

The magazine said they "asked 80 of the most interesting people we know—chefs, novelists, activists, comedians, NBA players, and more to reveal the local spots they love the most."

This is the first time Bon Appetit released a list, which isn't a critic's "best of" catalog, but a list of the places America wants to return to all the time, according to the Orange County Register.

Of the 80 restaurants, three are from the Hudson Valley.

Top Taste, Kingston

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The Jamaican restaurant is known for its wedge shape, narrow front door, bright green and yellow paint, triangle shape and of course it's curry or jerk chicken.

"The food! Sammy’s jerk chicken is flavor all the way to the bone, the meat so tender that there’s no need for a knife," Julia Turshen wrote for Bon Appetit. "Top Taste isn’t the food of my home, but it’s the food that makes me feel at home."

The Red Rooster Drive-In, Brewster

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The Rooster is famous for their burgers, floats, soft-serve ice cream and notable for its red and white striped facade and a giant soft-serve cone on top of its triangle roof.

"It’s one of those low-key legendary places that’s also the perfect pit stop," Carla Lalli wrote.

Giannoni’s Deli, Scarsdale

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The deli, which is known for its chicken cutlets, is a favorite of Parks and Rec actor Ben Schwartz.

"Every time I go home to visit my family, I go to this deli first, and Scott will make fun of me for living in Hollywood and being on TV," Schwartz said. "There’s a huge board with no less than four kinds of Italian combo sandwiches, and I always got one of three sandwiches that involved the crispiest, lightly breaded thin chicken cutlets."