A Hudson Valley attorney says unseen video from the viral bar encounter in Poughkeepsie tells a much different story and there won't be a lawsuit.

Over the weekend a violent encounter allegedly over money between a customer and a bouncer at Milo's Cantina in Poughkeepsie went viral.

According to a Facebook post, Mike Boyce was "assaulted" by a bouncer at the tequila bar.

However, according to Jonna Spilbor, Milo's Cantina's lawyer, there's much more to the viral video.

"What you guys don't have is what I have and that's a whole other video that depicts what went on right before the video that went viral shows," Spilbor said Thursday morning while discussing the encounter WPDH. "It tells a far different story that was seen on the viral video."

Bouncers do have some protection from criminal prosecution because of the nature of their job, according to Spilbor. However, a bouncer can be held liable if he or she acts excessively.

"But that's not the case here," Spilbor said. "This was clearly a safety issue and a big safety issue. If the public knew that they would be applauding this bouncer."

City of Poughkeepsie police began to investigate the video after it went viral. Allegedly what led to what is seen in the video involves an unpaid bar tab, police say. There is also an allegation of a knife being involved.

"This was one such case where the public rushed to judgment, based on what they saw and I get it, it looks like a disturbing video. But, if you had only been a fly on the wall for the half-hour before, people would have a far different reaction. Which is why nobody is getting prosecuted," Spilbor said.

On Wednesday, City of Poughkeepsie police said Mike Boyce has declined to proceed with criminal charges.

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