Today is the first day of December and Mother Nature has given us our first snow storm.

There’s nothing else to do besides embrace the winter season and make our first snow day fun. Unless your job requires you head out into a blizzard, it looks like we’ll all be hunkered down, staying warm inside.

Snowstorms are the perfect excuse to kick back and relax.

This time inside may leave some of feeling stranded and a bit stir crazy. On the other hand, being snowed in allows us to take the time to relax and focus on self-care and the projects we’ve been meaning to get to.

Here are some things you can do on your snow day.

  • 1) Meal prep/Bake

Baking goodies on a cold day just feels good. Whether it’s making brownies or serving up chocolate chip cookies, snow days are meant for enjoying comfort food. This is also a great time to meal prep for the upcoming week.

  • 2) Clean out/ Declutter

Experts say that decluttering your space creates a relaxed mind, so let’s try it. They recommend making 3 piles to get started. One pile will consist of items to give away and donate, the second pile are things that you want to throw out and the third are items you will keep.

  • 3) Organize your space

On my days off, I like to devote a small amount of time organizing my space. Snow days are the perfect time to start putting together those photo albums that you said you were going to sort through years ago. Changing up your space can add a refreshed look to your home.

  • 4) To do list

Ah, the ever famous, to do list is still here. To be honest, I have a list on my phone and one written in my room. Let’s conquer the ever growing list and show em’ who’s boss (WE ARE).

  • 5) Binge watch

When is it ever not a good time to binge watch our favorite shows? NEVER Take time to watch the shows you’ve wanted to catch up on or start the journey towards something new. I must remind you that The Hallmark Holiday Movies are on all day, every day (thank you mom).

  • 6) Pamper yourself

I admit it, this category is my FAVORITE. Everyday should be about self-care even just for a short amount of time. If you ask me, snow days are meant to pamper yourself. Be sure to take a relaxing bath with Epsom salt, catch up on some reading, and apply that face mask. I recommend meditating and throw in a yoga session too. Being snowed in allows us to take time to recharge without feeling lazy.

  • 7) Catch up with friends/family

Take a look at your messages, your voicemails and even your emails today. Reach out to someone that is on your mind. Chances are that the loved one you connect with will be happy that you did so.

  • 8) Plan a vacation

Let’s take a second to remember that warmer days ARE ahead.  Spring is only 90 days away go why not plan a trip to somewhere warm to beat the winter blues? ROAD TRIP

  • 9) Catch up on Holiday Shopping

We officially have 24 days until Christmas! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and hop onto your laptop to surf the web for great deals.

  • 10) Head outside

Let’s not forget the most important activity of snow days, being outside. I’m a summer girl for sure but there is something about the crisp, cool air that makes winter special. The quietness of a snowfall with the clean, white snow is captivating. Be sure to head on outside with your kids, pets, and family for some fun filled activities. Building snowmen, making snow angels and sledding aren’t just for kids; they’re for kids who never grew up too!

Share your activities for being snowed in! Be sure to check on friends, family members, neighbors and animals outside. Stay warm, friends :)

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