If you have recently received your license renewal in the mail from NYS, check it carefully.

A 21-year-old resident of Hopewell Junction received her MV-2 license renewal in the mail from NYS the other day. While the front side of the document contained the correct information, including the license number and address, the reverse side of the form contained information for a 36-year-old male from Hopewell Junction, including his address and date of birth for his NYS Voter Registration Application.

The Hudson Valley Post contacted the NYS DMV and received the following information that was also sent to County Clerks throughout NY. The next time you are at a local DMV, do not get upset with the staff because they are forced to deal with memos like this from NYS government:


We have recently learned that some MV-2 license renewal invitations that were mailed on March 27th may have been incorrectly printed on the reverse side.
The MV-2s have since been re-printed and customers will be mailed replacement invitations with a letter advising them to discard the invitation they have previously received.

When you are presented with an MV-2 renewal to be processed in your office, please review the front and back of the document. If customer information is different and the customer is requesting to register to vote, please encourage the customer to process the voter registration using the VeriFone instead of submitting the paper application. If the customer insists on using the paper application, ask them to complete the Voter Registration application from a new MV-44 and attach Part 4 –voter registration data card as per current procedure.

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