We have an amazing video and photos of three dolphins swimming in the Hudson River.

Late Sunday, Habiba Hussain took to social media to share with her followers a "close encounter of the best kind!

Dolphins Spotted Swimming in the Hudson River.

Habiba Hussain
Habiba Hussain/FB

Hussain shared a video on Facebook, which you can see below, an Instagram of three dolphins that approached her kayak in the Hudson River.

"Close encounters of the best kind…BEST DAY EVER 🐬💙," Hussain stated on Instagram.

Hussian was kayaking with the Manhattan Kayak Company in the Hudson River near New York City, according to her post.

3 Dolphins Seen In Hudson River Near Manhattan, New York

Habiba Hussain /FB
Habiba Hussain /FB

Hussain and her group of kayakers spotted the three dolphins in the Hudson River near Manhattan, CBS News reports. The dolphins were seen in the Hudson River as the group headed from Pier 84 at Hudson River Park off 12th Avenue in New York City.

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"Another awesome dolphin sighting in Hudson River near our Manhattan Kayak Company Boathouse !!!," Eric John Stiller wrote on Facebook while sharing Hussain's video.

Dolphins Enjoy Swim In The Hudson River Near New York City

The three dolphins swam around for the kayaks for about an hour before disappearing.

Habiba Hussain /FB
Habiba Hussain /FB

Hussain told W24st.com she is a regular boater, but she has never seen dolphins in the Hudson River.

“They seemed happy to hang out around the area," Hussain told W24st.com. "We regularly see big fish jumping in and out of the water. I was with a friend and she said, ‘I think I just saw a dolphin!’ I didn’t see them at first, so I said, ‘I’m pretty sure it was just one of these large fish that are all around the Hudson’. But then we saw them jumping and I was like, ’Nope, those are dolphins!’”

Dolphins Seen Swimming Near Brooklyn, New York

In March 2021, Hudson Valley reported on at least three dolphins swimming in the East River, very close to the shore in Brooklyn.

You can see the full video of the dolphins in the Hudson River from this past Sunday below:

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