Hudson Valley residents might not have to travel far if they want to swim with dolphins.

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On Tuesday, Cailin Anne posted videos to Twitter of at least three dolphins swimming in the East River, very close to the shore in Brooklyn.

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"Dolphins, in the East River. What,” Cailin Anne tweeted.

A crowd gathered near the WNYC Transmitter Park in Brooklyn to get a glimpse of the rare sighting.

“I just thought it was such a beautiful and majestic sight to see, especially after spending so much of this past year indoors,” she went on. “It felt very hopeful in a way — it’s a beautiful spring day and dolphins are in the East River! There are still good things happening in the world, even if it’s a little odd," Anne told the New York Post.

While very rare, this isn't the first time a dolphin has been recently spotted near the region. In July 2019, a dolphin was rescued from the rocky shoreline of the Hudson River.

In December 2020, a humpback whale was spotted in the Hudson River, for the first time in four years. In June 2020, a whale capsized a boat off the coast of Seaside Park in New Jersey.

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