Save the date.

If you talk seafood, specifically lobster rolls, the one name that everyone seems to rave about is making a stop in the Hudson Valley's wine country.

The folks over at Stoutridge Winery & Distillery have officially announced that the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck is going to be making an appearance at the winery on Saturday, June 12 from 11AM until 5PM

I personally have never tried Cousins lobster rolls but anyone that has always had amazing things to say about how good they are. I to say that I'm excited to finally get to try them out is an understatement. Cousins website says they offer a couple of choices when it comes to lobster rolls.

Maine Roll

Features Maine lobster served chilled with mayo, on a New England roll, with a lemon wedge.

Connecticut Roll

Features Maine lobster served warmed with butter and lemon, on a New England Roll. According to their website, some people call this option, "heaven on a bun."

I'll be happy to try out both rolls on June 12 and report back to you guys to let you my thoughts, LOL! Did I mention that the food truck is going to be at one of the nicest wineries in the Hudson Valley?

Stoutridge Winery is located at 10 Ann Kaley Lane in Marlboro, New York and is set on the side of a great limestone ridge on historic land that has history dating back to the 1800s.

If you would like more information about Cousins food truck or would like to check out a great local winery, check out Stoutridge online here.

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