Dutchess Crossfit has come up with some great at-home workouts while gyms are closed using just your body.

Now that we're all stuck at home, it's a little more difficult to go to the gym. Primarily, because they're closed. But there are still tons of ways to stay active and get a great workout at home. We talked to Steve Bierfeldt at Dutchess Crossfit who gave us some tips about working out and nutrition.

For at-home workouts, Steve said the best thing to do is something that you're actually going to stick with. If it's active and you're going to do it, it's a good thing to do. Steve said bodyweight workouts are great because they require no equipment. Things like burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups are all great. You can see one of the videos that Steve at Dutchess Crossfit posted on their Instagram right below. Dutchess Crossfit is posting two workout videos a day on their Instagram.

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AMRAP for 8 or 10 minutes 10 burpees 10 Tuck ups 10 V Ups 10 Reach Thrus (each side) 10 Leg Lifts

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Steve also said that if you're looking for some weight, but don't have any, that plenty of items around the house will give you the weight you need. A gallon of milk weighs about 8 pounds or maybe try using a backpack filled with books. Laundry detergent could be a great weight too. I've even seen someone bench pressing their couch.

As far as nutrition, a lot of people have been stocking up on canned goods. Steve said that canned goods are typically filled with a lot of preservatives and salt. As an alternative, Steve said that frozen foods are better and can last as long. Frozen vegetables are a great option that he recommends.

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