Just in case you were wondering what celebrities did in the Hudson Valley when they aren't filming.

The popular movie star knows lights, camera and action. Maybe there's an extra emphasis on the action. We may have found a popular Hollywood hangout spot in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley has seen its share of celebrities lately. Where exactly do they hang out when they aren't on set?

Some have called the Hudson Valley the new Hollywood because of the countless film productions that have taken place in the region. The Hudson Valley and Upstate New York continue to be popular filming locations. Most recently, it's been the scene for an upcoming Amy Schumer project along with an HBO series called The White House Plumbers starring Woody Harrelson.

Since filming began months ago Harrelson has been spotted many times in the area. He's been spotted on the train as well as a popular restaurant in Beacon. He's even been spotted in Albany and people have not hesitated to reach out to him even while he's been filming.

Woody has also spent some time at a local indoor rock climbing gym in Poughkeepsie. Gym goers and staff posted selfies with the movie star.

Gravity Vault Poughkeepsie
Gravity Vault Poughkeepsie

Harrelson apparently visited The Gravity Vault on Rte 9 in Poughkeepsie. According to staff, he was extremely friendly and it appeared to be his first time climbing. It would be one thing to see Woody at a restaurant but could you imagine seeing him at the gym?

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