Woodstock Meats has announced that they are opening a new location in Dutchess County.

Woodstock Meats is a butcher, grocery, and deli that has been serving the Woodstock, New York area for over 50 years. They partner locally, to provide fresh, high-quality products to the community and they make their own products in-house like their bone broth, butter, beef jerky and dry rubs.

Phil Spinelli opened the popular establishment in 1964. A few years later, Vince Christofora took over for Phil while working for years across the street at the now-closed Grand Union. After running a tight, service-oriented business, and training the future generation of Woodstock food service workers for many years, Vince's son took over in the early 2000s and worked to expand the store selection, bringing in regional products and expanding the butcher case.

In July 2015, friends Dave Majuri, Ian Martin and Nels Leader took over for Kevin, and with all having a love for Woodstock, the three are committed to continuing the long Woodstock Meats tradition of feeding the town.

Woodstock Meats New Location

Woodstock Meats recently took to social media to announce that they were expanding to a new location across the bridge in Dutchess County.


"Woodstock 'Meats' Rhinebeck. This November, we are making our way across the river. Come find us at 41 E Market Street. More info and details to come! Stay tuned."

-Woodstock Meats



A note on the official Woodstock Meats website states that the location in the village of Rhinebeck is coming in the Fall of 2022.

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