You won't believe what a deli worker did after a man was yelled at by a woman for wearing a pride shirt at a Hudson Valley ShopRite.

On Wednesday morning, while waiting at the deli at the ShopRite in Vails Gate, Michael Alessi of Newburgh was approached by a stranger.

Alessi, the chief operations officer at Stronger U, a Newburgh-based nutrition business, was wearing a rainbow-colored work shirt, seen above. The Stronger U logo was rainbow-colored in support of the LGBT community.

On Facebook, Alessi wrote about his encounter with a stranger. At the deli counter, a woman approached Alessi and asked, "Is that a gay shirt?”

Caught off guard, Alessi responded, "No, it’s a Pride shirt."

The woman then asked, "When did you decide you like a penis?"

The married father of three responded with, "Uh, I’m straight. I just wear it in support."

"Why are you wearing a gay shirt then," the woman again questioned.

"Ma’am it's a pride shirt," Alessi said once again. "I wear it in support."

At this point, a woman working at the ShopRite deli counter had heard enough and said, "Ma’am go to a different store, I’m not serving you.”

The woman stormed off and yelled, "I hope you die.”

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