This is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen all month. Right next to postponing Halloween due to rain.

The Hudson Valley is buzzing this All Hallows Eve thanks to the 100% chance of rain for later on tonight. Whether you're going out for Halloween or not, we all have to agree that this next petition you're going to see is absolutely ridiculous.

Lexi Alverez and students from a school in Florida created a petition on Petition.Org to, wait for it, cancel school the day after Halloween. If that's not crazy enough, their reasoning will drive you up a wall:

Palm beach Schools should give us the day of after Halloween  because it’s Important for kids to have a fun time and they will be out late and will not be able to wake up the next morning. In class they may fall asleep or doze off which is not good for there grades. Many kids already do not go to school the next day after Halloween because they are tired. This is bad for the school’s attendance. Please sign to help us get the day off after Halloween.

I'm not trying to be rude, however,  just reading over the statement and seeing the spelling and grammar issues...these kids not only need to go to school the day after Halloween but stay after for some extra help.

As of right now, the petition has 11,712 signatures.

Would you sign this petition for Hudson Valley students?

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