A near-record number of people went shopping in New York State.

Did you do some shopping on Tuesday? If so, I'm sure you weren't alone!

Many Flock To New York State Malls, Stores

Last-Minute Shoppers Rush To Buy Holiday Gifts
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On Christmas night, my Dad took notice of my new jeans (a Black Friday purchase). I told him about the jeans and he quickly searched online to buy some for himself.

I stopped him, pointing out that he should wait until after Christmas because there would likely be some post-holiday sales.

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I was right, the next day I got an email for 15 percent off.

Dec. 26 Is The Second Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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Searching for post-Christmas sales isn't a unique idea. It's something New York State residents and people across the country have been doing for years.

That's not surprising, because typically you can find some great deals after Christmas as retailers try to sell off merchandise that wasn't sold before Christmas.

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In fact, the day after Christmas is the second busiest shopping day of the year.

If you are out shopping in Upstate New York, keep an eye out for two teens who recently went missing. Police note the teens frequent several area malls.

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Nearly 60 percent of people polled by American Express said they plan to go shopping on Dec. 26, up from 43 percent in 2010. Most said they plan to do some shopping on themselves.

Black Friday Is Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year


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